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What Gamers Want Out of Their RPG

I'm sure it has been around for a while, but I just came upon Levi Kornelsen (?) excellent website filled with gaming goodies at sites.google.com/site/amagigames (formally at www.amagi-games.org).  In particular, I really like his list of things gamers want out of their game found at http://sites.google.com/site/amagigames/the-what-i-like-glossary (url updated).  This seems so much more useful and friendly than the player types lists found in Robin's Laws of GMing and the DMG2 (and other lists).  I like how they are unburdened by preconceptions, and the list has a few interesting motivations that I had not thought of before.  Go check it out, then come back here.

I have a couple of ideas for additional entries.  Unfortunately, I do not have any ideas for cool names for the entries, but I will describe them as best as I can.

1.  The joy of feeling special and powerful.  It is the excitement of using all your kewl powerz that make you unique.  I don't think this is the same thing as Ludus nor Fiero, but similar.  I think those people who like to tell you stories about their character often have this type of motivation.  The story is often something like, "and then I used my Sneak Attack ability to kill the evil wizard that no one else in the party was able to effect at all!"  This might sound like I have a negative view of this motivation, but I do not.  I have some fun using kewl powerz myself.

2.  After a lot of self reflection, I think my own primary motivation and "What I Like" is the feeling of being smart.  I want to figure out the riddle, come up with a cool way to defeat the villain (using only a head of lettuce, a roll of duct tape, and a spoon), find the murderer, etc.  It is similar to Ludus, but not just in terms of the mechanics of the game.  I do want to use the mechanics well, but I also want to be smart about the other elements of play (the plot/situation my interaction with other characters, etc).


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