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Adventure Planning Sheets

I used to struggle with planning adventures - planned way too much. This was bad because either the planning was wasted (because the players did something completely unexpected - as they always do), or I subconsciously railroaded them to fit my plan, which resulted in poor play. Now a days, I try to plan using a scene structure with a few set-pieces. That way, I only need a few "if they do this, I'll use this scene, otherwise, I'll use this scene" kind of things, with a little, "if they ever do this, use this scene". I think if I pre-plan the most likely choices of the players, I have a better adventure, even if they do something completely different.

One nice thing with this planning is I can make sure I have scenes in the adventure connected to each character's complications/motivations. To help out with the planning, I made a little Adventure Planning Sheet. Get it from the downloads section at: www.obsidianserpent.com/downloads.html.

This sheet can be used for brainstorming, or virtually the entire adventure plan. When I use this sheet, I still make up the stats for the NPCs, but I usually use my generic NPC cards with slight modifications. The big important set-pieces take a little more planning. I'm now working on a set-piece planning sheet. These big encounters seem to work better when I have already come up with interesting twists and stunts. The planning sheet will help make sure I have everything thought out.

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